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Frequently Asked Questions

Applicants can pay direct through online Credit/Debit card/net banking, or by Cheque or cash at branch office or channels
Ideally with member any blood relative (wife / mother / father /brother/sister/ Son/ Daughter) can avail hotel facility as 2nd person. If any Non blood relative travelling than need prior approval from reservation department at the time of booking
We will Transfer the Membership Unutilized nights in the name of Nominee, in case of Nominee also not survive than membership will be transfer in the name of Legal heir.
In case of single Milestone payment – after 15days
In multiple milestone payment – after 5th installment pay for Dream trip lite plan and 3 in case of all other plans
Yes. In case of Cheque payment. In electronic payment ECS can be filled.
Pick up and drop is not a part of the package, however some hotels/resorts provide complimentary pick up/drop facilities. Where ever complimentary facility is available, such facility will be provided free of cost. Also customer can request and we can inform hotel for the same and charges to the customer which he can pay at hotel directly.
All charges mentioned are exclusive of GST. Hence it is always quoted rate +GST. All Plans also have the GST charge mentioned separately.
Our plan does not include breakfast. (It is also subject to property)
Swimming Pool and Gym generally is always used free of charge. However, all hotel house Rules would apply to the plan holder. Unique Vacations only guarantees stay and breakfast.
Extra bed charges and child policy differs from hotel to hotel. If applicants request us at the time of booking, we can try and get the best possible rate.
Nights entitlement in terms of number of nights is same for domestic or international Nights. Only they have a differential booking charge.
Children born after membership are allowed giving birth certificate of the children to the reservation team and updating the record prior to the travel.
Nights can only be utilized in blocks of 4/7 Nights. Only Split Week holders can utilize 3 & 4 Nights combinations. All remaining Nights will be allowed for carry forward.
Lapsed plan can be revived for a period of maximum 90days. Beyond 90 days plan cannot be revived. For the lapse period of 90 days, a late fee charge of 2% per month pro rata will be applied on remaining amount. No grace period. Due date falling on a Sunday/bank holiday, installment will have to paid on preceding date.
Unique Vacations Website will have an active list of all domestic and international properties.
+91 70693 99966/ +91 70698 99966, reservation@uniquelifecare.com
Yes it will be applicable and also at one stretch Applicant can use only set of nights as per his plan entitlement. There has to be cool off period of 30 days at least
As per our agreement with the hotels. Also we are not taking any other charges like time share industry.
For 4 night plan domestic charges are Rs.300 and international charges are Rs. 1200. For 7 nights plan domestic charges are Rs.500 and international charges Rs.1800.
He can do that in single trip as night uses is not more than the plan he opted for. But will have to pay split charges.
UV is not charging anything extra. But subjected to property chosen by customer may have charges or policy, which customer will have to bear or adhere too. UV will inform customer at the time of booking.
It will be visible to customer at the time of booking. He will have to pay online for up gradation.
No, once the booking is done, cancellation is subjected to hotel policy.
At present UV can assist on customer request, again it will be depending on location and property type.
Customer cannot pre pone the nights, but can request us at the time of booking and can buy additional nights from us at the rate prevailing at that time. (It will always be beneficial for him to purchase from us rather buying from hotel). Also all bookings are subjected to availability.
Any break in 7 nights, either in terms of dates or property or city will fall into split