UNIQUE MERCANTILE INDIA LTD. – The Tycoon With Spectacular Vision

Unique Vacations is an ambitious initiative of Unique Mercantile India Ltd. with an honest intent to put smiles on every individual's face. It is for each one of you "to derive pleasure without any measure" because we feel smiling bright is every human's right. So we leave no stones unturned to accomplish our endeavor.

  • Go on a spree
  • Of verve sparkle exuberance gusto;
  • Radiating a vitalizing energy,
  • Zest and gaiety of an inexhaustible joie de vivre;
  • Creating an exhilarating momentum,
  • Let’s build a cadre of happy souls,
  • Where ecstasy is no fantasy!

With a plethora of vacation plans and options to choose from, it becomes a bit challenging to select the right one. The one which will do justice to your pocket, not letting you splurge in unnecessary expenditures; the one which cares about your concerns and for you to have a wholesome experience, Unique Mercantile India Ltd. is an enterprise working for the well-being of the Indian populace, with the sole motive of uplifting your lives to a level of glory and grandeur. It is an exemplary organisation that establishes business verticals with the primary focus to suit your life needs, from basic to flamboyant and cater to it succinctly.

Unique Vacations is a global vacation proposition. Hold your breath people; we help customers to own a vacation in less than a monthly grocery bill or fuel expenses. Yes, this is absolutely true, try it out and figure out its genuity and authenticity. We do not believe in the ideology of differentiating affluent masses eligible to the cadre of enjoying lavish holidays. We believe every individual deserves a jolly good vacation; it's every human's prerogative over everything else!

We offer vacation plans which are absolutely inflation free; Our luxurious holidays are at the same price of any usual hotel tariffs, With more than 10,000 + properties available in more than 150 + countries, it's your the time to cash on a sprucing holiday! Choose any premium property of your choice at a nominal cost, that’ s the added advantage of associating with us! Gone are the days of exorbitant investments in vacation planning!Let your brain cells freak out, travel to any corner of the world, with most pocket friendly opportunities. Wine Dine & feel Sublime! We offer privileges at unbelievably low - costs, with no compromise as far as luxury and leisure is concerned. Let your imagination loose, don't reminisce your desires, live your dreams! In prices unheard of, you can avail of all 5 star to 7 star advantages! Become smart, become sleek! It's about smart living style! Forget the abhorrent rates, we provide most affordable rates that are well within your reach! It's your ticket to travel the world!


Become the numero uno brand in vacation
packages, unique in identity and approach!


Transforming the perspective of enjoying
vacations to your heart’s content.


Your beaming smile is our
job satisfaction.


Implementing a meticulous approach, creating a proficient team; standardizing all processes, expanding channel network, bringing about fresh, enthusiastic individuals to work persistently on business expansion goals; to bring about productivity and enhancement in execution and progress checks, we are determined to multiply our business prospects by leaps and bounds in the coming 5 years!

We wish to become the numero uno brand in vacation packages, unique in identity and approach!

To avail you with the best opportunities, offering brisk packages that trigger your travel more at trending travel destinations!

Give elated experience to customers.

To do continuous R&D and relentless innovative efforts; to bring about unexplored and exciting places and special offerings to choose from.

To do best collaborations for our customers’ wholesome and enjoyable experience!

OUR Mission

Consortium for a happy customer league!

To build a passionate team to drive customer loyalty; transparency of interaction; all-inclusive growth of all affiliations alike; transforming the idea of the vacation package in entirety; introducing and tapping on a unique perspective of giving time to your inner well-being, that’s befitting your budget. Explore, Enhance and Enrich! This is our ultimate goal!

OUR Value

Celebrate life

Ways are too many,

But caring doesn't cost a penny;

Our earning is seeing you joyful,

Our yearning is to make you explore soulful!

Whatever your holiday destination - hill station, beach, forest, desert, adventure or wild life - Think big! We bet you’ll enjoy better! When you get back home with that beaming smile and refreshed mood, we feel our goal is accomplished!